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We are an Authorised Omega Research Inc. Software Reseller.


We Stock all the Omega Product Range and Guarantee next day delivery
after clearance of funds.

We also will organise a trial of the software and if you are an owner already will give you a discount on the cost of upgrading to another Omega system.


If you purchase one of our Trading Systems to run in the Omega platform we will provide a package discount on the total price.

Please contact us for a formal quote using e-mail


* Supercharts 4 End of Day.-----------------------------------------350.00

* TradeStation 2000i Real Time,Delayed Time & EoD.-------1,500.00

* OptionStation 2000i -------------------------------------------------1,500.00

* Radar Screen  2000i--------------------------------------------------1,550.00

* Pro Suite 2000i--------------------------------------------------------3,000.00


Please Note:- 

                        That if any two of the 2000i range modules are purchased the third is


                        All Prices include Freight, Duty, Vat, and Delivery in the UK by courier.
                                  They are based on the Fx exchange rate and if the exchange rate varies the price
                                  will change accordingly for each .05 step change in the rate.


                              If you purchase direct from Omega you will be billed by the courier company  who

                                  collect  Vat on behalf of the Government when the system enters the country. This

                                 additional charge is not the responsibility of Omega as it is an import tax not an

                                 export duty. Our price is inclusive of the VAT.

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