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Traded Index Options Program on the FTSE100.

Explanation of Chart.A2.

We refer in chart A1 to the market cycling up and down within the limits of the 'One to One' signal,
without a 'Consolidation' signal being given, and the use of secondary indicators to fine tune trades.

An example of this is shown in chartA2, the 'SoS' signal given in Oct. indicates the market will rise but by referring to the secondary signal a trade may be delayed until the indicator turns back up again. However the 'Major SoW' may be traded immediately as the secondary indicator is providing  support. 
A different set of conditions would be used for closing these trades. Full information on how to trade is provided in the Home Study Course and the System Manual and includes which option to go for, its strike price and time to expiry. Many new traders select the wrong option for the prevailing conditions and fail to obtain the optimum gain.

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