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These screen shots show the exact way in which the signals are given by the 'RH FTSE Suite' and
most importantly the timing of the signals relative to the changes in the actual index. We have 
included shots for the occasions when the market has dropped substantially, as we are often asked
 for how the system performed during these times, and also shots of more recent weeks. These 
signals are not up to date and therefore recommend that they are not traded; It is never a sensible 
action to chase signals after the event but also the manner in which they should be traded is not provided.

Traded Index Options Program on the FTSE100.

Chart A1
Screen shot of the One to One Program applied to the FTSE100 Index from July 1998 to January 1999.

Explanation of Signals. A1.

Note that the 'Sign of Strength' in late June is followed by a 'Consolidation' signal in mid July and then 
there is a short period before a 'Sign of Weakness' is given which indicates the market will trend lower,
 which it does, as it recovers a 'Consolidation' signal is given followed in four days by another 'SoS' 
providing an indication that the market will continue to rise. 

The Consolidation Signals indicate that the current trend is over but there is no clear indication of 
the market direction at that time.

Markets, as they trend, will pause after a period of time and possibly retrace before continuing the 
same trend as occurred in November with the 'Consolidation' signal ultimately being given in January. 
The period of time between the two signals can sometimes be even longer with greater retracements 
and this can substantially affect the gain of a Bought option due to the time decay. Therefore we use 
certain additional indicators to exit the market early and then to re-enter as the market cycles up and 
down within the range of the short term signal. Trades are only taken in the direction of the main 
signal until a 'Consolidation' signal occurs.

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One to 1 Oct'99 to Feb 2000.gif (18522 bytes)    A2  

                                  One to One Program Oct'99 to Feb'00  

Dual sreen Sept to Feb 2000.gif (15504 bytes)    A3

                                  Dual Charts. One to One and Trendsetter. Sept.'99 to Feb'00
                           Two charts are presented at the same time on the same time base in the Omega system.
                           This arrangement allows the trader to see all the signals from the main programs on one

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