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We Specialise in the total range of Technical Analysis Platforms      
from                                Previously known as

 Supercharts 4.
 Tradestation 2000i
 Option Station 2000i
 Radar Screen 2000i
History Bank.com
 Pro suite 2000i
Plus definitive manuals for Easy Language. 

We hold all these products in stock and will dispatch by 'Registered Mail' to guarantee next day delivery after clearance of funds.              

Check out our all inclusive prices.   and check our latest promotions .

Grail Systems have no affiliation with any data providers and therefore are able to suggest the most appropriate data feed to meet your needs. The systems will handle most End of Day data but care needs to be taken when choosing Real Time feeds to ensure compatibility and if your main area of interest is UK Equity Options and you are considering  OptionStation 2000i then a discussion on your overall objectives would be of considerable help to you.

Technical Information and Specifications.

There are a number of ways you may obtain product information on 
the 'Tradestation Technologies' range of systems.

The most comprehensive is available direct from the 'Tradestation Technologies'
Webb site>omegaresearch.com<                     Navigate to the products of interest.


Alternatively you may down load from this site Brochures, product revues by various magazines and a demonstration of 'Supercharts' which is also of benefit to those interested in Tradestation 2000i as it illustrates the excellent charting which is common to both.


Also you may e-mail us to send you brochures and revues of all the products by snail mail, a video which covers the 'Prosuite' range or the 'Supercharts' demo CD if you prefer this to downloading.   

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