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Extended Description.
Screen Shots.- A.1.


                              The R.H. FTSE100 Traded Option Suite.

Easy to Use.
For Buying & Writing Options.
Performance:- Profitable Trades over 12 years = 74%
                                                           last 4 years = 81%
For full reports select the Performance button.
Has received excellent positive reviews in 'Investors Chronicle' and the Financial press.
Requires End of Day Data; therefore no real time feed or Exchange fees.
A Data History of 12 years provided with the system.
May be manually updated if desired.
Free Data update to fill in for the times away on vacation.
Runs in the superior Omega Technical Analysis Platform.
Special Package Discount when an Omega product purchased with the Trading system.
Comprehensive Manual with clear instructions and diagrams.
Full Support and Assistance.
Separate 'Home Study Course' for those new to trading Options.
For a more extended description of the system. GO



If this type of Trading Program is new to you we recommend that you become totally familiar with the subject of Technical Analysis ,the theory and the practise ,so that you fully understand how such programs are constructed. There is a risk of loss when trading options which is limited when Buying or Writing spreads but is open ended when Writing naked options. We draw your attention to the 'Introduction to Trading' section of this site which provides some background and also points you in the direction of further explanatory information and material on technical analysis ,options and trading.

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