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All of the Trading Systems we provide use 'End of Day' data and run in an Omega Technical Analysis Platform, either 'Supercharts 4' or 'Tradestation 2000i' The benefits of this to the Trader are Superior Colour Charts ;  A Familiar & Consistent Trading Program Environment, a Common Data Base setup and the ability to 'back test' trading systems.

Each button will take you to a detailed description of the particular System together with Sample Charts, Performance Tables, Individual Trades, Cumulative Equity Curves, Pricing and Testimonials. There is also a link for downloading a demonstration program as well as hardcopy reviews. A quick synopsis of each Trading System follows:-

FTSE. Traded Index Options.

This set of programs 'The R.H. FTSE. Suite' is specifically designed for trading the FTSE100 Cash Index and consists of five separate programs which are used in both Buying and Writing options. We are often asked to provide systems for trading individual UK Equity options but prefer to focus on the Index as it is a far more liquid market with a much smaller Bid/Ask spread than is available with equity options.

FTSE Index Futures.

This program 'The RH FTSE Futures Program' is applied to the FTSE100 futures Index and is used in conjunction with aproprietary Paint Bar study in order to minimise drawdowns.
It may also be run with the 'One to One' short term program from the Traded Options Suite, please refer to the Screen Shots section for a detailed explanation.

S + P Index Futures/Options.

This single program 'The R.H. S+P. Program' may be used to trade the S+P Index principally by buying options as we consider the index is too volatile for private traders to Write Options.

Currency Trading.

'The R.H. Currency Suite' consists of four different programs that are applied to the main currencies against the US $  and may be used for trading Futures/Options or the Spot markets.

Background to the 'RH' Trading Programs.

The above programs were all written by Richard Hexton, an active trader, who is a well known expert in Options trading and who consulted international companies on both the options and currency markets. He is also a well established financial author, a full member of the 'Society of Technical Analysts' and has written several books on technical analysis and  trading in options. It is this wealth of experience which has been distilled in the 'Home Study Trading Course' which we recommend to those wishing to become proficient as private traders. The Trading Systems took many years to develop and have now been traded profitably for over eight years; they were first reviewed in 'The Investors Chronicle' in February 1996 and subsequently, also very positively, in different financial publications. Richard, having built up a following of users of his systems, found he had less time for his own trading and development of new systems so passed the marketing rights to ourselves who were already existing users. Grail Systems market and support the products with pre-sales literature, general help & guidance, demo programs, presentations and post sales assistance,  comprehensive manuals,  and telephone support. As the programs are easy to install & use and are trouble free we include the initial implementation & follow on support within the initial price. We are pleased to discuss the requirements of potential users so they may determine if the programs meet their trading needs.

Commodity Futures Trading Program.

      This part of the site under construction thanks for your interest we will update soon.

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