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Basic Computer System Support

Grail systems support totally the products they provide but sometimes we are asked to solve existing problems that prospective clients are experiencing with their basic computer hardware/software and if we can do so we will. However if it is rather involved we recommend contacting a rather unique service on the internet known as expertcity.com who have experts available 24hours a day 7 days a week on a range of computers, peripherals , networking,  operating systems and application software from all the major houses. The solution is given while you are in live keyboard dialog with the selected expert who also uses a very special piece of software which allows him to interact on your computer screen. If you are not familiar with certain aspects of your computer, such as the registry, the expert is able to implement the changes for you. I have used the service with complete satisfaction. For your convenience we have provided a link to them so you can investigate for yourself. Just click the button on the left and take their live tour to see how the service works and take advantage of a free trial.

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