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RH. Futures Program on FTSE100 future Index and 1:1 Program on FTSE Cash.


                        These two programs are applied to the respective indices over the same time frame.

Explanation of Signals.B.2.

Using a feature of Tradestation we show on a single screen two different programs on the same time
base which allows us to easily determine if the signals conflict or confirm each other.
When the future signal is given in the upper chart the lower chart is showing a consolidation signal and
therefore the trader can wait until both agree, as occurs in early June, a consolidation is then given and
signals again confirm in July. Thus when both signals and the colour Price bar are in support of each
other the market may be traded in the direction of the Signals. There will be losing trades experienced
but as is shown in the Performance section the percentage of winning trades is high. Please note that the
Performance Summary measures between the main signal and the Consolidation and does not take into
account the benefits of trading using the other additional programs as described above.

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