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The R.H. FTSE100 Option Suite.

The R.H. FTSE 100 Option Suite for Trading the FTSE Cash Index is designed for both Buying and Writing options and consists of five easy to use programs; The 'Trendsetter' shows the longer term Trend while the 'One to One' shows the short term. Each of these programs provide automatic signals based on the application of technical analysis to the index daily price data. The identification of the expected trend in the index is denoted by vertical coloured arrows; the 'Sign of Strength' is Blue and the 'Sign of Weakness' is Red. As these trends are pausing, trading sideways or ending a White 'Consolidation' arrow is given. These two programs provide the primary indication with a third ,'The RH Trend', giving a secondary supporting signal as a Paint Bar which colours the daily price bars Green White or Red.  Support and Resistance levels are provided by the 'Percent Stop' program which also highlights whether to write Calls or Puts and the 'ASVol' indicates the Strike price at which to Write these options. The manner in which these signals appear is shown in the various Screen Shots.

There are additional indicators which are used to fine tune entry into the market and these same indicators may be used to trade the cycles of the market within the range of the main signal. This is particularly important when buying options as staying in the market while it trades sideways results in a reduction of premium due to the decay of the 'time element' portion of the premium.

The programs run in either Omega 'Tradestation 2000i' or 'Supercharts' and require only the index data; consisting of the previous days Open, High, Low, Close, Volume and Open Interest figures; to be input each day. This may be done automatically or manually, in just one minute, if the trader prefers. For full information on the 'award winning' range of Omega " Technical Analysis" software please go to the Technical Analysis page.  In addition to running the Options Suite of programs these platforms also provide the user with the ability do do their own technical analysis, charting and portfolio tracking on other investments in which they also have an interest. We provide a 12year data history with our systems and also provide information of different Real Time and End of Day Data Feed systems.

A comprehensive Manual of  instructions is provided which covers the loading of the software into the Omega platform, the updating of data and exactly how to use the trading programs. We also can provide a home study course which covers professional trading and the trading of Options. A synopsis of the course can be found by linking from the Grail Home Page.


For an example of these charts and to see exactly how the signals are presented and most importantly the timing of the signals relative to changes in the market --------------------Go to----- 'Screen Shots'
Then take the link to 'Performance Page' to learn the accuracy of the system.

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      First for the shorter term 4 year period and then for 10 years.

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  If this type of Trading Program is new to you we recommend that you become totally familiar with the subject of Technical Analysis ,the theory and the practise ,so that you fully understand how such programs are constructed. There is a risk of loss when trading options which is limited when Buying or Writing spreads but is open ended when Writing naked options. We draw your attention to the 'Introduction to Trading' section of this site which provides background information and also points you in the direction of further informative material on technical analysis ,options and trading.


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