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Synopsis Continued.

The Home Study Course has been created by a Professional Trader and designed for those who wish to trade as private individuals. It covers all the aspects necessary to become a  successful trader as well as how to trade Options and use the R.H.Trading Systems .


The R.H. Home Study Options Trading Course.

All you need to know to trade  with confidence and profit .


Written by an established, successful & well known 
Active options Trader.  
Learn the Principals of Trading to achieve Consistent Results.
Full coverage on how to use the ‘R.H FTSE100 Option’ Software Suite.
Comprehensive Sections on both Buying and Writing Options.
Includes an interactive Software Trading Program & Worked Examples.

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This home study course written by Richard Hexton is designed to teach you, in a short period of time, how to trade safely and earn a better than average living either as a dealer in a dealing room or trading for yourself using a computerised trading system.

Provided with the course is the ‘Chart Analysis Trending Software’ (CATS), which runs on a standard PC under Windows 95, that allows you to work through the many practical examples using real data. You will learn how to correctly use the signals given by the software for both long and short term trades and whether you should be ‘Buying’ shorter dated ‘in the money’ options , Buying ‘out of the money’ longer dated Options or perhaps ‘Writing’ Options. Most importantly these examples illustrate trades that actually worked in the real market showing gains of 60% to well over 100% using the ‘R.H Options’ software suite.

The course covers all aspects of trading including Money Management; Strategy; Personal Temperament; Subject Knowledge and a full in depth understanding of the Traded Index Options Market. It provides you with both the theoretical knowledge and the practical knowledge to put you on the road to consistent success.

In summary this comprehensive course covers all the above subjects in detail so that you are left in no doubt as to how to proceed.

The system received very positive reviews in the Investors Chronicle with Andy Webb stating "It actually works…..and the results were remarkably consistent as well as profitable.

Chapter. 1)  The Concept and Setting the Scene.

                     Understanding the Market and the Risk, Computerised Trading Systems &                           Money Management. The necessary foundations must be laid down before                                you commence trading and as part of the course you will soon determine
                          the returns. - Naturally hard work is needed!  - but by itself is not a
                         the course you will gradually be able to implement your ideas and by a
                         careful disciplined approach put the theory into practice after a period of
                         paper trading to build confidence.

   Chapter. 2) Investment Strategy and Objectives.

                                        An introduction to strategy will then take into account these factors:-

  ·     The Main Objective.

  ·  Rules of the Game.

  · The Individuals Resources.

  · Personal Characteristics and Emotions.

  · Risks and Uncertainties.

  · Weaknesses to avoid and strengths to exploit.

  · Information Available.

  · General Plan of operation.

                         If you use this information correctly you should be able to start making
        decisions at least better than you would if doing it randomly. It is not just the
                    signals generated by the computer trading module that are important but the
                    correct interpretation and implementation that in turn will lead to superior
                   trading tactics and the profits you desire.

  Chapter. 3)  The Business Plan. 

                     Treat your trading in the Option market as a business and implement a
                          Plan; cover the potential risks and include good housekeeping practices.