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Pricing Schedule for Omega & Trading Software.


Initial Purchase          

Add on Purchase


Omega Supercharts

Bought within



Not Supplied

One Year.

        Supercharts   Only





THE R.H.Software Programs.




 FTSE 100Option Suite.





            FTSE 100 Volatility Prog.

                For Calculating Strike Price.




           S+P  Option                               ‘Buying’Software




           FTSE100 Futures  Suite.





           All Main Currencies.




           Trading Home Study    Course.  






     Commodities Trading System








   Pricing Example :  A client purchases the R.H. FTSE 100 Option Suite( Trendsetter,
                                            One to One, RH Trend and Percent Stop.) with the Omega Research                                             Technical Analysis Platform initially for £1,300-00 & within the year 
                                            adds the ‘S+P’ Program for £325-00 and before the end of the year
                                    includes a ‘single currency’ for £200-00

                            Please call for availability of Programs.

  N.B. For those Traders who wish to also run other third party programs in real time we
provide Tradestation 2000i which will handle data in Real Time; Delayed Time
           and End
of Day formats. Please go to the Omega Pricing Page for details.

            All Prices include Support ,User Manual, Freight, Duty, Vat and 
            Delivery in UK by Courier service.

               The Omega Prices will vary depending on the Fx rate and will 
            change only when the exchange rate varies outside of a .05 step.

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