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Thank you for considering our software and the Omega Products;
                                                                         the following are free of charge.!!!

                 To anyone who visits this site and either downloads or calls 
                                                                                                                  for information on our Trading Systems.

*  "Getting Started in Options" by Michael T. Burke.
                     An easy to read introduction to Options .Good reviews.

                                                         * "Trading with Pro Suite 2000i"  Video.  (While stocks last.)  


                        If you buy one of our trading programs with an Omega software product 
                                                                we will reduce the package price substantially !!
Call For a formal  Quotation.


                    With each Tradestation 2000i purchased we will provide:-  (While stocks last.)  

                                                         * Trading for a Living-an 8 hour cassette+ Book by  C.F.Wright.
For those who want to make trading their business.

                                              * The 'Easy Language' Manual by Sam Tennis. The definitive work.
                                                                              He wrote the language originally for Omega Research Inc.

                                             * "All About Futures" by Cafferty &Wasendorf.
For those who wish to start trading futures.

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