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Trading System Performance.

Explanation of the Factors measured in the ‘Performance Summaries.’

Independent organisations that monitor and report on Trading Systems use a number of yardsticks that allow one system to be compared with another, its performance measured and its suitability assessed by the individual . Omega Research Inc has built a system into their Technical Analysis Platforms so that users may themselves determine the Performance of a particular Trading System. It is these Summary Reports which we have included with the Trading System descriptions so that you may see how the programs perform. The terms used in the reports are explained below. We have included individual reports for all the Trading Systems. The parameters used are the same in each report.

At the top of the page:-

Name of the System, The security on which the price bar data is

based, The period over which the calculations are made.

Report Sections:-

Each System report will give the Performance separately of all

the Long trades ; all the Short trades and Combined for all Trades.

Performance Summary:-

Each Section contains the same measurements so that you may

compare the possible difference between long and short trading of

the system and of other systems.

Total number of trades:-

Is the number of Signals, both Sign of strength and Sign of

Weakness that have occurred in the measured period.

Percent Profitable:-

Is the number of winning trades expressed as a percentage of

the total number of trades. Clearly you will look for this to be

as high as possible but it will ideally need to be above 50%

The Ratio of Win/Loss :-

The Average Winning Trade, in equity terms is divided, by

the Average Losing Trade to provide a Ratio. The larger this

Ratio is the better, it ideally needs to be above One. Also

it needs to be greater if the % profitable trades figure is

down near 50% .

Max.’ Consecutive Losers:-

Gives the number of times Losing Trades follow each

other without there being a winning trade. This is important

as if this number starts to get large eg.5 to 6 trades then

unless you have strong faith in the system and are not of a

nervous disposition you will stop trading it. (At this time it is

likely that the system then makes substantial returns)

If the other factors are low this needs to be very low, conversely if

other factors are high and the average losses are relatively low then

it may be acceptable that this figure is higher so it is imperative to

 look at all the individual trades for the period being viewed.

Max. Draw down:-

This applies principally to futures Traders and is the

largest difference between a high point achieved by

a system in a trade and a subsequent low point from which it

recovered; thus defining the maximum loss Potential. Traders

need to know this figure to determine the minimum funds

required to trade the System.

In an actual long trade where the market rises 8 points from

the point of entry and then falls 4 points but recovers and

rises a further 6 points the Trader would have suffered a

‘Drawdown’ of 4points but ultimately a real gain total of 10

points if he closed out after that last 6 point rise.

There are some Trading Systems available that make excellent returns over a period of time but if the % Profitable number of trades is low, the Ratio average is poor and it has a history of a high number of consecutive losing trades then the average private investor encountering such a system would most likely stop trading it after a run of large losing trades because it did not suit his temperament or style of trading.

By comparison you will see that the figures for our systems are very much at the acceptable end of the spectrum which can be verified by looking in turn at the Summary, then the individual trades and finally the Equity Graph. 

You cannot have discipline without a proven system and, you cannot trade a proven system without discipline.


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